Want to punch Donald Trump backers? Go Fund Me won't have your back

Go Fund Me took the fight our of Jafar Cooper.
Go Fund Me took the fight our of Jafar Cooper. SUN HERALD

You may dislike Donald Trump. You may be planning to vote for anyone but him the next time you get a chance. But it's doubtful your level of contempt for the Republican presidential front-runner has reached the heights of that felt by Jafar Cooper.

He wanted to raise $100 million to "bring every single person who supports Trump on college campuses to D.C. where I will fight every one of you at the White House."

Seven hours in, Cooper had $110 toward his goal on the Go Fund Me page he created Monday. But looks like the fight is off. Go Fund Me removed his campaign for violation of its terms of service a short time later. A spokeswoman said you can't promote violence.

I suspect Cooper was just goofing. His Facebook page says he's in theater.

But the early reaction was swift, brutal and highly censorable.

"I'll fight your b---- a-- for free broke a-- p----." Or "Im with it f---- trump and his suppoerts f---- anybody who talking s--- under this comment you can see me fr" Or "Yo lemme help bro!" Or "Would donate if i still had a job just for jokes."

Then there were the skeptics

"Absolutely no money donated here will go to this cause. Another get rich quick scam by someone who doesn't want to work for a living. "

And, I don't know that there is a cause and effect here, but Trump hasn't said he'd like to punch or waterboard anyone since the account started collecting money.