UPDATE: Cruz very ill but still wants to come to Mississippi

Paul Hampton

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz canceled his campaign stop Monday in Ellisville but still hopes to make it to Mississippi, his state chairman said Monday.

"I got a call from the national campaign chairman and he said he's known Cruz for a long time and he's very very ill," State Sen. Chris McDaniel, Cruz's Mississippi campaign chairman, said. "He wants to try to come. He's been to the doctor, he got the shots, the regimen, whatever they do to treat it, and he's still hoping to make a pop-in but there's no way he could make it to a full rally.

"It sounded like he was miserable."

McDaniel said the illness wasn't life threatening, but it made it impossible to do a full day of campaigning.

McDaniel first posted the news on Facebook on Sunday night.

"Unfortunately, I just received a call from the national campaign chairman," McDaniel wrote. "The event at (Jones County Junior College) has been cancelled. Ted Cruz will not be in Mississippi tomorrow, as he evidently does not feel well.

"This is difficult news to deliver, but we trust that God has a plan for the campaign and for Mississippi."

Campaigns are draining, as McDaniel knows. He had to miss at least one event because he was ill. The days are long and candidates are in contact with hundreds of people and countless germs.

"The food isn't great either," McDaniel said. "It's tough, tough. I thought I was going to pass out."