From Carson to Trump, all candidates lack courage but can't hide from tough questions

This will probably come as a shock, but none of the major candidates for president have courage. That's according to Vote Smart, a national organization started by Presidents Carter and Ford and 40 other national leaders .

Mississippi was selected to kick off Congressional VoteEasy, the organization describes as a powerful new tool that enables voters to easily pick their best candidate for Congress.

However, neither candidate in the Coast's district -- Republican incumbent Steve Palazzo nor Democratic challenger Mark Gladney -- is listed because neither has competition in Tuesday's primary. The rest of the candidates didn't fare so well.

According to VoteSmart:

"Fearing their opponents, most Mississippi candidates refused to provide voters, national media and political leaders with their issue positions when repeatedly tested.  Unknown to the candidates, Vote Smart has used hundreds of staff and interns to independently cull through thousands of records on each candidate and answered on each candidate’s behalf.

"As a result, Vote Smart has launched VoteEasy in Mississippi, a fun interactive online tool that converts thousands of hours of research time into just seconds.  It allows voters to get an instant visual confirmation on which candidates agree with their own positions on the major issues facing the nation. (See tool here)."

The reason all the candidate lack courage is they didn't answer the questions. VoteSmart, though, "inferred" their answers through public records so you compare their stands with your own.

That's something you won't get from a debate or sound bite.