How long is Donald Trump's middle finger?

It's hard to tell how big Donald Trump's hands are.
It's hard to tell how big Donald Trump's hands are. Associated Press

In the stretch run to Super Tuesday, Donald Trump's current foil, Sen. Marco Rubio, pounced on Trump for his "small hands."

Why? Attacking Trump's policies, or lack of them, has left Rubio against the ropes. Even an all-out assault by the media and old guard Republicans hasn't seemed to harm The Donald. Even failing to disavow known racist David Duke, or not hearing the question, hasn't lowered Trump's energy level.

So Rubio played the "finger" card, to be flippant. But he's not the first. As the Washington Post reports, the digit dilemma dates back 30 years when Graydon Carter called Trump a "short-fingered vulgarian."

But are Trump's fingers any shorter than fellow reality show star Jesse James? Or is it just an illusion, the result of a less-than-flattering camera angle?

The Post set about fact checking. I'm not spoiling the fun. Find out the answer here.

Oh, and I know you're dying to know how I measure up. I'll let you know as soon as the renovators restore the newsroom and I can find my pica pole. I might even spill the beans on what a pica pole is.