Mississippi Senate passes bill to appoint school superintendents

A bill that would require school superintendents to be appointed rather than elected passed the Senate on Thursday, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves said.

Senate Bill 2438 nows goes to the House for consideration.

The change would take effect Jan. 1, 2019 if the bill passes the House and is signed by Gov. Phil Bryant.

“I appreciate the work of Chairman (Gray) Tollison and the entire Senate in moving this important legislation,” Reeves said. “Limiting the pool of qualified educators to political boundaries hampers many school districts’ opportunities for success. Districts should be able to perform broad searches to find leaders who will inspire teachers and encourage students to learn.”

Few states have elected superintendents managing schools. Of the last eight school districts taken over by state officials for academic or financial mismanagement, six were managed by elected superintendents.

Mississippi has 55 elected superintendents in the state, include those in the Hancock, Harrison and Jackson county school districts.

This is not the first time the Senate has passed such a bill, which in the past died in the House.