For Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber, Hillary Clinton is obvious choice for president

Hillary Clinton campaigns Monday in Manchester, N.H.
Hillary Clinton campaigns Monday in Manchester, N.H. ASSOCIATED PRESS

Saying, "Hillary Clinton knows how to make it happen," Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber endorsed the former first lady in Mississippi's March 8 Democratic presidential primary.

Clinton has always paid attention to people in underserved areas, Yarber said in a release sent by Clinton Mississippi campaign organizaiton. Last week, Yarber said, Clinton took note of a municipal issue in Jackson, praising city officials for their response and transparency, and Sunday, Clinton visited Flint, Mich., where she has been keenly focused on the city's ongoing water crisis.

“Hillary Clinton knows how to make it happen,” said Yarber. “As president, she will give special and needed attention to cities – particularly minority-led cities – and the issues that plague us. She is committed to pushing for creative infrastructure investments and to building on the progress President Obama has made. In my mind, she is the only candidate who can pragmatically achieve important gains for families and communities, and it’s why I’m proud to support her candidacy.”

The release also cited her plan to reform our broken criminal justice system, her proposals to reduce prescription drug and out-of-pocket medical costs, her $275 billion plan to enhance and strengthen America’s infrastructure and said Clinton will make progress for working families in Mississippi and across the country.