A guy named Vermin takes on establishment in New Hampshire primary

By Paul Hampton

Twitter: @jpaulhampton

Vermin Supreme thinks what this country needs is a pony or two in every yard.
Vermin Supreme thinks what this country needs is a pony or two in every yard. SUPREME CAMPAIGN

Tuesday in New Hampshire, we will find out if a guy named Vermin Supreme has a chance at the presidency.

You could say he's a longshot. He's apparently only in the one primary, among 25 other Democrats, including front-runners Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. But it has been the year of the outsider, so perhaps a name that brings to mind disease-spreading rodents won't be a hindrance.

Supreme is the most experienced one of the 25 Democrats and 30 Republicans. He was running for office when Sen. Marco Rubio was in high school. Supreme has run for president six other times. He got 833 votes (1.37 percent) in 2012.

Supreme's platform is as eclectic as his head gear, which is a rubber boot.

"Hooves on the ground and boots on our heads," he replied when the Political Monitor asked his plan for defeating ISIS.

Depending on the weather, Supreme flip-flops between giving everyone a pony and executing us all.

He had me at pony but lost me at firing squad.

He also wants to time travel and go back to kill baby Hitler.

His traditional Facebook page is maxed out so you can't be Supreme's friend, but you can follow him and like his official Facebook campaign page.

In case you have suspected, he's a protest candidate/performance artist bent on pointing out absurdities in the system since 1987. So, no pony.

But you can feel the Verm.