Update: Hood campaign says own poll beats Mason-Dixon by double digits

Hector Casanova illustration
Hector Casanova illustration Kansas City Star

Attorney General Jim Hood leads Republican challenger Mike Hurst, but the race could hinge on the turnout of black voters, according to the latest poll by Mason-Dixon Polling.

Statewide, Hood leads 50-44 percent with 6 percent undecided. Among blacks, though, Hood leads 93-3 percent with 3 percent undecided, the largest margin among any of the groups measured.

He leads among men 48-47 percent with 5 percent undecided, among women by 53-41 percent with 6 percent undecided and among Democrats 87-5 percent. Hurst leads among Republicans 72-22 percent and among white voters 62-32 percent.

Mason-Dixon in its accompanying analysis said Hood's crossover vote has dropped off and "if black voter turnout falls off and undecided white voters continue to break for Hurst, this could be a very close finish."

Hood's camp wasn't impressed. The campaign issued a statement Wednesday afternoon dissing the poll and Mason-Dixon.

"A Republican Party-commissioned poll by a firm that lost its credibility years ago still has Jim Hood the heavy favorite in this race," campaign manager Jonathan Compretta said in an email. "Our own internal polls show a nearly 20-point gap between us and our opponent despite being outspent and bombarded with negative attacks. We take nothing for granted, however, and will continue to work hard through Election Day”