The Tea Party's over, according to the latest Gallup poll numbers

Throw back Monday to 2009 when this was fashionable.
Throw back Monday to 2009 when this was fashionable. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Support for the Tea Party has hit an all-time low with 17 percent of Americans in a new Gallup Poll saying they are supporters. Another 24 percent say they are opponents and most Americans, 54 percent, said they neither support or oppose.

That's what they get for kicking me out of the Chris McDaniel campaign stop in D'Iberville last year. I kid. People probably have awakened to what a self-aggrandizing bunch the Tea Party members are. I've even heard some of the local fire-breathers have stepped away from the warmth of the lamps of liberty.

The Republicans did manage to use Tea Partiers, and their disdain for all things Obama, to make gains in 2010 and 2012. But by last year's election, the GOP had had enough.

What should be troubling to the 41.6 million Tea Party supporters that remain is its plummeting support among Republicans. Support dropped 20 points, from 52 percent to 32 percent, among Republicans and Republican leaners. (Apparently, Gallup didn't bother asking Democrats. Good call.) But this doesn't mean the GOP problems with the fringe is over. There is the Freedom Caucus. Have fun with that.

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