Obesity, financial problems drag Mississippi down

Mississippi is back at the bottom of obesity and finance rankings in the Gallup State of American Well-Being survey released today.

"Financial well-being is an often overlooked determinant of overall health, medical costs and workplace performance," Gallup wrote in the report. "Consequently, improving financial well-being is important for employers, health plans and other population health stakeholders."

The rank is a mix of having enough money to buy food, pay for health care and “do everything you want to do.” Worrying about money and being satisfied with the standard of living are also factors.

Mississippi's neighbors didn't fare much better on obesity. Louisiana is No. 48, Arkansas 47 and Alabama is 45.

On financial well-being, Tennessee is just above Mississippi, Louisiana is No 47, Alabama 45 and Arkansas 42.

Hawaii and Alaska ranked 1 and 2 and most of the states in the Top 10 are in the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains.

Read more about the report and ways you can help get Mississippi off the bottom here.