Mississippi Senate president pro tem tops list of Kasich supporters

Presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who is tied for seventh in most major polls of the crowded Republican field, continues to pick up support in Mississippi.

Former Sen. Trent Lott and Rep. Gregg Harper gave their support to Kasich, according to a press release from Kasich. The list of supporters also includes Andy Taggart, who was chief of staff in the Kirk Fordice administration, and Coast state Sen. Brice Wiggins of Pascagoula.

"Republicans in Mississippi recognize the importance of balancing the federal budget and rebuilding our national defense,"  Harper said in the release.. "No one else has a record on those issues that can match Gov. Kasich's.  Gov. Kasich will balance our nation's budget and strengthen our national defense. We know he will do it, because he's done it before. As Republicans hear about  Gov. Kasich's record, more and more leaders recognize that he is the best candidate to lead our country."

Others was said they were backing Kasich:

Senate President Pro Tem Giles Ward (Winston, Leake and Neshoba Counties)

Sen. Josh Harkins (Rankin and Madison Counties)

Ridgeland Mayor Pro Tem Chuck Gautier (City of Ridgeland)

Former Fordice chief of staff and former Harrison County state Rep. Mark Garriga (Madison County)

Jones County GOP Chairman Lew Yoder

Lafayette County GOP Chairman Geoffrey Yoste

Former State GOP Chairman Billy Powell (Rankin and Madison Counties)

Madison County Superintendent of Education Ronnie McGehee

Northern District Transportation Commissioner Mike Tagert

Rankin County GOP Chairman Gary Harkins

Hinds County GOP Chairman Pete Perry

Rankin County Chancery Clerk Larry Swales

Jill Ford - Founder of The Inherit Movement

Bill Hollowell - Former Holly Springs Police Chief