Seriously? This is more like TV rasslin' than a policy debate

This is no way to pick a president of the United States.

Hours before the Republican presidential debate (brought to you by mainstream media and cable giants, to whom you must bow down in order to see it), a Republican friend asked if I could live with “any”of the GOP candidates.

Halfway through the second debate, I don't have an answer. (UPDATE: It's over and I still don't have an answer) 

For the most part, it was a typical “debate.” Ignore the question, make a speech.

But the lone woman on the stage, Carly Fiorina, has so far improved her standing the most. Donald Trump will continue to slip because Fiorina handed it to him at least three times. She turned his comment on HER looks back on him and she gave the most powerful answer on foreign policy of any of them. And she schooled him on the 14th Amendment and immigration. (Trump needs to get back to the abrasive bad guy or even his base is going to bolt.)

Scott Walker all but vanished. I've said it before. He's gone. We'll always have Sheboygan, Scott.

Jeb Bush looked much better, but to me, he didn't come off as a leader.

Chris Christie had his moment, as did Mike Huckabee, as did John Kasich as did Ben Carson. None made a breakthrough.Marco Rubio had some moments but he lost me with the campaign speech about his grandfather. Ted Cruz failed to command much attention. 

It's time to cut the field down to the true contenders. Trump, Carson (by virtue of his surge in the polls that could be over Thursday), Fiorina and Bush. I could "live with" any of those.

None convinced me I'd want to. I don't think any of them showed me they have the answers. But the format didn't lend itself to answers -- it was built for speechifying.

I get it -- it's free advertising. It's moderately entertaining (given entertainment alternatives such as "The Bachelorette" and watching grass grow.) But it's no way to pick the leader of the Free World.