Fox News: No debate for you, you silly cord cutters

Looks like I won't be watching the GOP debate. At least not in real time.

I'm sure the highlights will fill up my Facebook wall soon enough and it's my understanding that Fox News will eventually offer the whole debate on its website. But tonight, the only way to see the debate is to have some sort of paid TV subscription.

Almost 4 million homes don't have one. We're known as cord cutters. isn't amused.

"Requiring a cable subscription to watch a live presidential debate—or any big event—has no place in today's mediascape," it wrote in an opinion piece this morning. "This is a last gasp of an outmoded media paradigm. "

Fox News already was getting criticism for the way it chose who gets to take part in the two debates (there is an earlier debate for those Fox News deemed not worthy of the prime-time show). Essentially, we are letting pollsters pick and choose the GOP candidates.

"It turns out, though, that drawing straws for the final few spots on stage could actually be fairer than what will actually happen next Tuesday at Fox News HQ," Slate senior writer Josh Vorhees wrote.

Last weekend, we had some of the candidates appearing before -- well we don't know other than they were at a shindig put together by the Koch Brothers. We don't know because journalists were allowed to attend only the events the organizers wanted them to see and generally weren't allowed to name the other people in attendance. But, the organizers say, this still means the even was not "secret" as it had been in the past.

The Republican Party could stop this foolishness if it wanted. Anybody expect that to happen?