Crawdaddy: What if a nuclear bomb was dropped on Biloxi?

Having trouble falling asleep? This should help.

The helpful folks over at have put online a map tool that illustrates what would happen if a nuclear bomb hit your hometown.

For instance, suppose Russia dropped its most powerful bomb over Biloxi. With ground zero at the Interstate 10/110 interchange, nearly 170,000 people would be killed and another 235,750 would be injured.

The nuclear fireball would be almost eight miles in diameter.

Everyone within a thermal radiation circle about 90 miles in diameter could expect to have third degree burns. Most residential buildings in an air blast circle about 40 miles in diameter would collapse.

You can switch between a variety of the world's bombs to compare the damage. Go ahead you know you want to. 

Alex Wellerstein, the creator of the map, said the point is to show how much smaller but more powerful nuclear weapons have become since the first bombs were dropped on Japan.

And, it should give pause to those folks always quick to say "nuke 'em."