SHOCKER: Palazzo, Thompson disagree (this time it's over the flag)

This will probably be a shock to the sytem, but Reps Steven Palazzo, R-4, and Bennie Thompson, D-2, don't agree on an issue. Yeah, that hardly ever happens.

Palazzo doesn't much care for Thompson's privileged resolution that would remove the Mississippi state flag from the U.S. Capitol grounds. That resolution was asigned to the House Administration Committee on Thursday.

Palazzo would rather the state fight the flag fight. He said in press release:

“The flag that flies over the State of Mississippi is an issue to be decided by the people of Mississippi.  It is not an issue for Congress.  Our state is more than capable of handling this issue with dignity and respect, and the people of Mississippi, not outsiders, should continue to be able to choose for themselves the state flag of Mississippi.

“I understand the seriousness of the tragedy that occurred last week, the hurt and pain it caused, and I continue to lend my prayers to the victims’ families and the state of South Carolina.

“However, until the people of Mississippi change their flag, it deserves to remain in place at the U.S. Capitol with every other state flag of our Nation.” 

Thompson doesn't want the flag to disappear he just says it belongs in a museum.

"Let's put it in the museums with other artifacts of history," Thompson told the McClatchy Washington Bureau's Greg Gordon on Wednesday. "I would be the last person to say bury it. It needs to be there. But when you put it at the level of a state flag, you've given credibility to hate, you've given credibility to bigotry, and the eyes of the world look at you and say, 'I wonder if Mississippi will ever change"

Mississippi's two senators -- Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker -- both said the Battle Flag emblem that is offensive to Thompson and many others shouldn't be on the flag.