Reeves: People, not politicians in backrooms, should settle on a flag

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves just released a statement on the state flag:

“What happened in Charleston is simply pure irrational evil.  There is no other description for this monster’s actions.  He is an individual that has allowed his mind and soul to be horribly twisted and disfigured by irrational hate.  No symbol or flag or website or book or movie made him evil -- he was evil on his own.

“Flags and emblems are chosen by a group of people as a symbol of all that unites and ties the group together. The good and bad in our shared history, and all that we have learned from it, is something that ties us together.

“The same discussion South Carolinians are having now is one that Mississippians had 14 years ago when nearly two-thirds of our state voted to keep our current flag. If the citizens of our state want to revisit that decision, and I am sure at some point we may, it will best be decided by the people of Mississippi, not by outsiders or media elites or politicians in a back room.”