Jade Helm just another way for haters to hate on Obama

Maybe some folks are scared the military is planning some sort of a takeover disguised as a training exercise in the southern U.S.

But for a lot of them, it is clear Jade Helm is just another way to hate on President Barack Obama.

Obama, after all, is the puppetmaster pulling the strings for Jade Helm. Why? Well after the "invasion" and "uprising" he'll be able to stay in power forever. Obama is certainly the villian on the Facebook page Operation Jade Helm and Beyond, where this morning someone posted: The president's own? We belong to this Country ... Marines are called the presidents (sic) own. So why was one of the presidents own locked up in Mexico."

But the linked article was more about Obama's "failure" to secure the border. It doesn't explain what Jade Helm has to do with anything. Probably because the article was written last year before Jade Helm was the flavor of the summer.

It's not that the page doesn't have a heavy dose of Jade Helm. Late last night, it posted again a discredited article from (a Say what? web site name if ever there was one) that says "(Watch) Army Vet Catches Jade Helm Trucks Delivering Heavy Equipment To The Ozarks!"

I say discredited because  it took about five seconds and the Chrome plug-in Tin Eye to find its photographic evidence was taken in Russia, not Arkansas, and was featured in a Daily Mail article from, you guessed it, last year.

It is really a convoy headed towards the Ukraine border, which last year would have been red meat for the Obama haters.

It's not the first time they've been busted for posting photos that weren't of Jade Helm. They had a photo of a tank gassing up at a civilian service station. Again, an old photo and, someone who knows more about these things than I says it's a howitzer, not a tank, and it was headed to a parade.

Closer to home, it says some photos include Marine Osprey. I can vouch for them. I saw the Osprey flying on my way home last night. They were about 100 yards from the Air National Guard Base in Gulfport, where, gasp, all sorts of military personnel and equipment is assembled.

Near San Antonio, the Jade Helm detectives were surprised to find military equipment since there are no nearby bases. Except for Lackland Air Force Base and Randolph Air Force Base, a commenter noted.

So you can be scared of Obama if you want. I worry more about the Consciously Enlightened folks.