How about it, is this woman the Angriest American?

Today begins my search for the country's angriest person. No doubt about, there are some riled up folks fed up with Washington who are reasonbly worried about their future, their jobs and the safety of their families.

They aren't the people I'm looking for. Just to be clear, I'm not stalking the anxious, or the disgruntled or even the perturbed. If the potentially angriest person's volume knob isn't at least at 11, they aren't in the running.

Where to start? How about  the 2016 presidential campaign that is already underway even though we're almost a year and a half out from election day. Prime hunting season is what I call that.

Hanging around former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum has to be something akin to hunting over a baited field even before he "officially" got into the race for the GOP nomination.

Santorum, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal all chose to speak at the South Carolina National Security Action Summit back in March in Columbia, S.C. The Summit is sort of like a hunting club for those in pursuit of the angry.

Santorum in turn chose to call on someone from the audience who described herself as a retired school teacher and lifelong political activist.

She quickly hit all the high points: President Barack Obama isn't a citizen, he is a communist dictator, he's destroying the country, everything he does is illegal ... and "We need him out of the White House now."

Printed words can't do justice to her rant. Listen to it here. 

I know this woman is not alone in these beliefs but that doesn't make them reality. What worries me, though, is Santorum's reaction.

He should have told her he knows Obama is a citizen and he isn't a communist. Instead, he riffed on Obama's executive actions and how they are the single most important issue.

And there you have it. Obama is serving the last months of his two terms but in some minds, he's still the opponent in 2016.