Palazzo doubts Obama could take Biloxi if he ever decided to try

Rep. Steven Palazzo apparently has given the Paul Gallo radio show a less-nuanced answer to the Jade Helm question than he gave the Sun Herald.

We're not regular listeners so we have to thank Deep South Daily, a somewhat left of center website, for finding the somewhat right of center show and parsing the broadcast.

By now most everyone knows the Jade Helm military exercise has sparked only slightly fewer conspiracy theories than the moonlanding and "2001: A Space Odyssey." It hit home when we learned that the city of Biloxi approved an urban exercise that seemed hauntingly similar to Jade Helm -- especially since it was called Jade Helm in the original documents.

Palazzo told the Sun Herald it was just routine training and had "nothing to do with marial law."

So even though President Barack Obama has never threatened to attack Mississippi and hadn't even visited the state until 2010 when he came to assess the effects of the BP disaster, that didn't stop Palazzo and Gallo wondering, "What if?"

“He may find himself arrested if he ever did issue that order (to take over Biloxi),” Palazzo said Tuesday on the Gallo Show. “And you’ve also gotta think, if you look at states like Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, there’s probably more guns per capita per individual. If people are looking to take down a civilian population or overthrow a state, they’d probably start somewhere where the gun laws are a lot stricter than in the South.”

You can listen to the whole Gallo Show segment here.