Challenger's poll shows Mosley leading Chaney in insurance commissioner race

A new poll released by Insurance Commissioner candidate John Mosley shows him with a slight light over Commissioner Mike Chaney.

The poll of 1,462 Mississippians by Hayes Dent's Republic Group has Mosley, owner of Clinton Body Shop, ahead 26 percent to 23 percent (383-340).

The poll, conducted by automated phone calls, also hints that at least part of Mosley's strategy will be to link Chaney to President Barack Obama and the Affordable Care Act.

"If you knew Commissioner Mike Chaney supported the expansion of Obamacare in Mississippi, how would this impact your likeliness to vote for him?" is one of three questinos pollsters asked. About 44 percent said they "most likely" would not vote for Chaney based on that information.

Mosley said he knows Chaney has more than $300,000 in his war chest. He says he's trying to overcome that advantage in part by driving around the state and talking to as many potential voters as possible.

"I stop at every little tire store," he said. "I stop at the guy selling sweet potatoes on the side of the road. I'll stop and shake his hand and tell him what I'm about."

The poll also asked respondents to name the insurance commissioner from a list of four names. Thirty-five percent correctly picked Chaney.