Gillich says endorsements don't win elections

Gov. Phil Bryant this morning endorsed Winfield "Windy" Swetman in the Biloxi mayor's race but his opponent suggested Biloxians would rather make up their own minds.

“Having strong working relationships with local, state and federal officials is extremely important to bringing more jobs and growing our economy,” said Bryant in a press release from the Swetman campaign. “That’s why I’m supporting Windy Swetman for Mayor. He’s the conservative Republican with a proven record of rolling up his sleeves and going to work for Biloxi. I hope you will join me in supporting him the runoff election on May 12.”

Swetman's opponent, Andrew "Fo Fo" Gilich, downplayed the importance of endorsements, particularly from out-of-towners

“The only endorsement that really matters will come Tuesday when the voters of Biloxi elect our new mayor," he said in an statement. "I trust their judgment and I believe virtually all of them prefer to think for themselves. 

“Of course, I am proud to have public endorsements from the longest serving Republican mayor in the city’s history – A.J. Holloway, and from former Mayor Gerald Blessey and City Council President Felix Gines. All three of them live in Biloxi and vote here."

Swetman also was endorsed by Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo.

The election is Tuesday.