Who knew Paris was such a hotbed of conservatism?

It has been suggested not infrequently that perhaps I would be happier some place else.

In the words of one anonymous writer, who, affectionately I'm sure, calls me Psycho, "Don't just get out of Biloxi, get the hell out of America." (Ah, he knows me well. I live in Gulfport.)

So when I ran across the What Town Matches My Politics game at, I figured it wouldn't hurt to form an exploratory committee of my own. Granted, this isn't the most scientific method. The questions are a little broad.

The answer? I belong in Paris.


It is about 26 percent Democratic, 33 percent in favor of abortion, 59 percent religious, 30 percent pro-gun control and 50 percent pro-tax.

OK. So I cooked the books a little to get to Paris, a place I didn't know existed.  I was just fooling around with the answers to see how much changing a single answer would change the location of my new home.

The machine's first choice, when I answered most truthfully, was Michigan City. Another Mississippi place I did not about. Apparently it's barely in Mississippi at all. It's one of the state of mind places, not an incorporated city and its northern boundary is the state line.

And I say most truthfully because some questions are so vague none of them matches my beliefs. "There should be more restrictions on purchasing and carrying guns" is one.

I said I agree even though that isn't exactly right.

Actually, I'm against people like James Holmes buying guns, but I think gun owners should be able to carry them anywhere except a National Rifle Association Convention.