Cruz campaign births more talk of the scary state of America

Now that Ted Cruz is running for president, we have to deal with the question of his citizenship. It's old news but it was one of the first tweets I saw after Cruz tweeted that he was running for president.

His case for citizenship satisfies me because I'd rather see him rise or fall based on his record. That seems to be the tack Democrats are taking, pouncing on his roles in the government shutdown, the assault on the Affordable Care Act and his penchant for tax policies the opposition says would favor the rich over working-class and poor Americans.

Here's what I know about Cruz. He was born in Canada to a mother who was born in Delaware and a father born in Cuba. He says that's enough to make him a citizen.


Wasn't President Barack Obama born in Hawaii to a mother who was born in Kansas and a father who was born in Kenya? And didn't Obama present exactly the kind of evidence as Cruz to prove he is a citizen: a birth certificate and his word?

Salon more than a year ago reported Cruz's birth certificate was filed nine days after his birth. Donald Trump, the website said, "could build a casino in a hole that size."

If this awakens your inner birther, Salon has more questions. Me? I want this show to go on.

I want more videos of Cruz's father, Rafael, urging crowds to send Obama back to Kenya.  I wants to see Cruz hammer home his view that  "these are dangerous, extreme, radical times." 

Roll the tape.