PAC of lies? Conservatives turn on some of their heroes

Their liberals friends have been warning them for some time, but now even conservatives say some of their heroes -- part-term former Gov. Sara Palin for instance -- have been taking them for a ride.

John Hawkins of Right Wing News and author of 15 Statistics That Destroy Liberal Narratives says he studied 17 conservative political action committees and came to the conclusion that 10 of them are "$50 million down the tubes."

Raw Story and Addicting Info have been having some fun with it, too.

Hawkins admits his revelation puts him in the strange company of the likes of the Daily Beast and Mother Jones but he says he can no longer consider such stories hit pieces. He also found what we've known for a while, campaign finance laws at the state and federal level have gaps "that potentially allow for some very shady activities to occur under the radar." You know, except for the two liberal rags he mentioned and The Washington Post and Politico and the Daily Caller and Ann Coulter and Dana Loesch

What he found is most of these PACs are just gigantic shell games that use "vendors" to hide the fact they spend very little on candidates. Among those caught in the web by Hawkins and his researcher Jay Batman was the Tea Party Express. That's the bus-riding group that hit Biloxi twice during the Chris McDaniel campaign for U.S. Senate. And, we have them to thank for introducing us to Charles C. Johnson, of 15-minutes of fame fame, and the Rivoli Revue, a duo that set back pop music to the dawn of time.

The Express spent more than $12 million in the 2014 cycle, Hawkins reports, and gave $567,907 to candidates (about 4 percent of its spending). Club For Growth's PAC, which also backed McDaniel, on the other hand spent just under $9 million, almost $8 million on candidates.

The 10 worst offenders spent $54,318,498, Hawkins said, and paid out $3,621,896. He wonders how many lost races could have been flipped -- McDaniel's perhaps -- if that other $50 million had gone to those races.

Perhaps McDaniel learned his lesson. He's started his own PAC.