Nosef says Tea Party leaders don't speak for all its grass-roots members

Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef says the Tea Party leaders who are calling for members to vote for Democrat Travis Childers don't speak for the rank and file.

Childers is challenging  Republican Sen. Thad Cochran in today's election.

"Never before has the difference between the actual grass-roots Tea Party members/voters and some of the self appointed leaders been more stark and clear," Nosef said in an email. "The grass-roots tea party people for example don't go around praying for violence and supporting Democrats and saying awful things about Supreme Court justices. They are just like other conservatives and Republicans in our state and believe the same things. It is these people we will continue to reach out to and work to keep the support of."

 The leadership of the South MS Tea Party sent a statement this morning urging its members to support Childers. They are upset that Cochran won the runoff over their candidate, Chris McDaniel, then a challenge by McDaniel was dismissed because it missed the filing deadline.