South MS Tea Party rebels, says vote for Childers

The Republican Party civil war is alive and well, at least in the minds of the leadership of the South MS Tea Party, which sent a statement this morning urging its members to support Democrat Travis Childers in his challenge of Sen. Thad Cochran. The Tea Party is obviously still angry that Cochran beat their candidate, state Sen. Chris McDaniel in the GOP primary.

South MS Tea Party board chairman Barry Neyrey confirmed the email was authentic.

"Yes this note is from the current 12 member Board of Directors  of the South MS Tea Party," he wrote in an email. "We simply could not reward the criminal and unethical behavior of the leadership of the Mississippi Republican Party. We also believe that nationally, the Republican Party will win control of the US Senate with or without a Cochran win."

The statement:

"The board of the South MS Tea Party has thought long and hard and we have concluded that we all must do everything possible to defeat the Barbour machine, also known as the MS GOP. We must remove the Progressive Thad Cochran from our Senate seat, thus preventing a possible later appointment of another of Barbour's favorites in the case of Cochran stepping down after the election.

"The best way to do that is to vote for Travis Childers on November 4th.

"In sports, a good coach will bench a player that breaks the rules, even if it means possibly losing the game. The leadership of the MS-GOP have violated their team rules and must be benched.

"Their campaigning FOR big government, excessive spending and cooperation with the Obama Regime is a violation of the Republican platform.

"Publicly declaring in the media that 60%" of Republican voters (you and me) are racists and liars is unacceptable. If you cannot bring yourself to vote for the Democrat then may we suggest you vote for Sean O'Hara (Reform Party candidate).

"O'Hara has no chance of winning and his vote total will be a signal that many people are dissatisfied with the MS GOP.  O'Hara's votes will also reduce Cochran's percentage and may keep Cochran's total below 50% which will be an embarrassment for the MS GOP and for the Barbours in front of the national GOP Aristocracy.

"Please read the article below as it states our case much better than we can."