Hunters rights supporters make a final push for yes votes

There appears to be little, if any, instate opposition to a proposed hunters rights amendment to the Mississippi Constitution.

But supporters of the amendment on Wednesday made one final push for right to hunt, fish and trap in Mississippi. Supporters say they aren't worried that someone is about to infringe on those rights but they want to make it harder to infringe way into the future.

 "The privilege of sportsmen being able to hunt, fish and trap is being threatened in other states,” said C. Scott Bounds, chairman of the Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks Committee in the House in a release from the House news office. “As members of the Mississippi Legislature, we believe our citizens should have that privilege protected in Mississippi, enabling citizens to continue to practice sound 

“I want to encourage our citizens, especially the sportsmen and sportswomen of Mississippi, to go vote on November 4th, and vote "yes" for Initiative 1." 

The Mississippi Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus is the largest independent, bi-partisan caucus in the Mississippi Legislature and comprises 102 members of the Mississippi Legislature from all areas of the state, the release said.