Don't blame the weatherman if the political wind doesn't blow your way

If Accuweather's forecast holds true, Mississippians won't have the weather to blame for a poor turnout on Election Day.

The private weather company founded in 1962 says it's likely to rain in the central part of the Central states and the Northwest, dry weather is in store in the East and the balance of the West.

Most of the battleground states will have nice weather although Iowa will probably be chilly, but Iowans are used to that.

Arkansas, where a key Senate race is still too close to call, will be in the middle of a system of showers and thunderstorms forecasters expect to stretch from Texas to western New York. Only a small slice of northern Mississippi is in that band of storms. Other states that will closely watched to see which party controls the Senate -- North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Colorado and Kansas -- should have dry weather over much of the states.