Federal judge tosses out ACLU suit against Diamondhead over political signs

The American Civil Liberties Union said although it disagrees with a federal judge who tossed out its suit against the Diamondhead Property Owners Association ban on political signs, it says the system worked.

Chief U.S. District Judge Louis Guirola Jr. issued the ruled today, that the POA was not a "state actor" therefore not subject to the federal civil rights provisions of federal law. 

“Although we disagree with the Court’s decision, we were here to stand in defense of the ultimate right of citizens to voice free political speech in the form of yard signs or the ability of a property owners association to regulate free speech," wrote Charles Irvin,  the Legal Director of the ACLU of Mississippi, in an email response.

"While we are disappointed in the ruling of the court today, we are pleased that the citizens of Diamondhead were able to demonstrate that free speech is paramount.

"The manner in which one citizen communicates to another is vital to the political process. Prior to this ruling a Temporary Restraining Order was in place which allowed the citizens to place yard signs. As a result, several of the original plaintiffs won positions on the POA board.

"The process worked."