News Flash: Conservatives trust Fox News most

The latest news from a year-long Pew Research project on the political polarization in America probably isn't a big surprise: Almost half of "consistent conservatives" get their news from a single source, Fox News.

When consistent conservatives were asked for their main source of news, 47 percent said Fox. When consistent liberals were asked, 15 percent said CNN, 12 percent said MSNBC, 13 percent said NPR and 10 percent said New York Times. 

Consistent liberals also expressed more trust than distrust of 28 of 36 outlets named with NPR, PBS and the BBC the most trusted. Conservatives expressed more distrust than trust of 24 of the same outlets with 88 percent of consistent conservatives saying they trust Fox News.

Those at the left and right ends of the political spectrum, Pew found, make up 20 percent of the public but have a disportionate impact on politics because they are more likely to vote, donate to campaigns and participate directly.

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