Save your money ... there is only one campaign deadline to worry about

To hear the fundraisers tell it, a major deadline looms in the coming election. There is one, but it's not the one they're talking about.

Tuesday is the FEC deadline for filing quarterly reports. Reporters love that deadline because we get another peek at who's greasing the wheels of government.

But the uninitiated might misunderstand some of the emails being fired off by various campaign ... 

"Donate now to Al, Jeff, Bruce and Gary's campaigns before their urgent September 30th fundraising deadlines," Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren writes. 

Makes it sound like it could be the end of these grating fundraising emails doesn't it? 

You wish.

And it's not just Democrats. The GOP is just as breathless and gushing. The truth can be ephemeral in the D.C. atmosphere.

But trust me. There probably isn't a day on the calendar that a check (as little as $3, they remind you) wouldn't be welcome.

Here's my deadline challenge: If you have an extra $50 bucks give $25 to the candidate/PAC/party of your choice and use the other to buy flowers for your sweety. Then write and tell me which had the most "influence" on your liveliehood.

And if you want to have a bit of influence in those politicians lives a real deadline looms is you aren't registered to vote. The deadline to register is Saturday and your circuit clerk's office will be open until noon that day. Overseas and military voters have until Oct. 25.