Mississippi among least happy states in WalletHub study

This is not a happy story.

Mississippi is among the least happy states, according to research by the presonal finance website WalletHub. And, it says, although Mississippi is a poor state, that alone can't explain why it is 49th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia. Find the entire study here

"A comprehensive study on the topic suggests that life satisfaction, one of the two main components of happiness besides emotional well-being, increases as income rises but only up to $75,000," the researchers wrote. "Beyond that, money makes little difference in a person’s overall happiness."

Besides finances, the study measured physical health, job situation, experience of positive feelings, environment, social connections and general outlook on life.

We fared worst, 51st, in Hedonometer Score, which measures people's Twitter expressions.

We were second only to Louisiana for the highest percentage of overweight or obese people, 49th in sports participation, 47th in divorce rate and didn't show up in the Top 5 in any of the positive measurements, such as lowest prevalence of depression, lowest suicide rate and highest income growth.

What can you do? Make time for enjoyable leisure activities, suggests Julie Stafford Son, associate professor of recreation at the University of Idaho, a state that was 10th in the study. 

"Too many hours of work can lead to burnout," she said. "Leisure has recuperative effects, especially for people who work long hours."

She also said you should look for work that fulfills your values and needs.