You'll never guess which state has the most unfair tax system

The South is known for hospitality, great cooking -- and unfair taxes.

The personal finance site WalletHub rated the states on tax fairness by asking taxpayers what they believe a fair tax system looks like. After the nationwide survey of a representative sample of 1,050 people, WalletHub said it applied those findings to the tax system of each state.

Some of the differences WalletHub found: Some states don't have sales tax, some don't have income taxes, some have high property tax burdens, while taxpayers in others enjoy generous tax credits.

The good news for Mississippians? This is one time we don't rank last. We're 44th. And, there is not much difference between our ranking by liberals (43rd) and conservatives (42nd).

Read the report, and find out who has the dubious distinction of having the most unfair tax system here.