Not even Americans trust U.S. government on international stage


Tonight, President Barack Obama will announce his plans for destroying the Islamic State, the newest enemy in a seemingly endless list of enemies in the Middle East.

The radio wags are already howling about the president revealing our secret plans so I doubt there is anything he could say tonight to quiet his critics.


Truthfully, I don't see an "unless." Unless he announces the operation is underway? Several Islamic leaders are in custody or dead?

What would satisfy you?

If you're an average American, nothing.

Heading into Thursday's ominous anniversary of 9/11, Gallup today released an unsettling poll.

Americans' trust in government, according to a survey conducted Thursday through Sunday, is at an all-time low. Only 43 percent trust the government to do the right thing in international affairs. Even fewer, 40 percent, trust the government to handle domestic problems.

This latest low point has been a long time coming. We slipped a long way since Sept. 11, 2001. A poll that October found 83 percent of Americans trusted the government to handle international problems and 70 percent said it was up to the task domestically.

Today's numbers are lower than the Watergate era. Lower than after the government shutdowns. Lower than 2007 when weariness with the war in Iraq first set in.

Tonight we'll find out if Obama is up to turning this trend around.