Childers, Cochran talk about dismissal of McDaniel challenge

Both Sen. Thad Cochran and Democratic challenger released statements on the dismissal of Chris McDaniel's challenge of Cochran's victory in the GOP primary runoff.

Childers said:

 I congratulate Senator Cochran on his win today in court. The allegations of the past couple months have raised serious questions about the electoral process, and I strongly believe we must ensure that every vote in Mississippi counts. With the Republican primary finally nearing the end, it is time for Senator Cochran to focus on the issues of today and spell out his vision for the future. I look forward to a spirited discussion and debates about the issues that affect millions of Mississippians. The senator and I differ on increasing the minimum wage. I believe the minimum wage should be a living wage. We differ on demanding equal pay for women. If a woman does the same job as a man she should be paid the same and not 76 cents on the dollar, which is the current average. Women are the heads of many Mississippi households and co-bread winners in many others. Women pay the same for milk, gas and child care as a man and it's only right they be paid equally. These are just two of the many issues we must debate in the next 10 weeks.  

Mississippians deserve no less.

Cochran said:

"We are pleased the court agreed with our motion to dismiss the case. Clearly, the law states a challenge must be filed within the 20-day window. We also want to continue to re-emphasize that regardless of the timeliness of the challenge, a careful review of Chris McDaniel's filing shows this case to be baseless. The voters made their decision on June 24 that Thad Cochran is the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate."