Bryant: A grand night as our first grandchild was born

Congratulations to Gov. Phil Bryant on the birth of his and first lady Deborah Bryant's first grandbaby. 

Here's the governor's message from his Facebook page.

Last evening Deborah and I experienced a Grand night. Our first Grandchild was born. I have learned these times will put everything in perspective. To see God's greatest gift on earth given to your children is the best a parent can ask for in this life. To finally see little Henry for the first time after these many months, to know that his Mother is well and his father has the love of all Fathers, is more important than any material accomplishment. Like all families we have had struggles and joys. Last night was pure joy. As I kissed my daughter and told her how brave she was I remember a night not so long ago that I held her in my arms for the first time. Soon after our son came along to bless our life once again. Thank you all for your congratulations. The first family has a new priority now and his name is Henry. Everyone was right. This is the best of times. May God bless you all with such gifts.

Phil and Deborah Bryant