It's been a real McDaniel of a week, and it's only Wednesday


Chris McDaniel's team will file a challenge in court to the June 24 runoff. That's likely to come today, ending milliseconds of suspense.


Let's give the rest of the nation more of this uncle-in-the-attic version of what it's like to be a Mississippian.

So far this week:

We've learned a Californian named Charles C. Johnson, who likes to proclaim himself owner of the news cycle, has landed in the middle of the news cycle. He's been subpoenaed to appear before a Lauderdale County grand jury. We know this because he posted it on Twitter and it was captured by several people before Johnson's lawyer read the part about not disclosing a subpoena.

Johnson appeared clean shaven on a "thank you" tour that stops in Hattiesburg tonight. It's only remarkable that he's shaved because about the same time, his beard opened a Twitter account. (Not to be outdone by Travis Childers moustache, I suppose.)

The subpoena also names John Rhodes of the South Mississippi Tea Party who tells the Clarion-Ledger's Geoff Pender he has no idea what the grand jury could possibly want with him. Johnson has been told to bring any records he has of the infamous recording of the Rev. Stevie Fielder, who once said he was given money to buy votes. Now he says he was speaking hypothetically. The grand jury, not so hypothetically, wants all the documents about that, and Johnson's dealings with Rhodes and McDaniel spokesman Noel Fritsch, who we now have reason to believe was in on that caper.

Then, McDaniel's attorney Mitch Tyner filed an addendum to an already lengthy challenge that questions the veracity of dozens of votes, including his own. If I were him, I'd sue myself just to make sure I've covered all the bases.

Oh, and he filed the addendum with the state GOP, which has already rejected the challenge.

And if the court challenge fails? There's always 2015, election year for statewide offices and the Legislature. Conservatives are peeved, McDaniel told Pender, and they'll "try to turn it into something in 2015."

Can't wait.