Mississippi dead last when it comes to its children


This isn't going to shock the world but Mississippi isn't doing a first-world job of taking care of its children.

WalletHub, the personal finance social network, has ranked the 50 states and District of Columbia based on 16 key metrics -- infant death rates, children in foster care, food insecurity and such. 

Mississippi is worst for the percent of children in households with below-poverty income and infant death rate. It's not much better (50th) in percent of children in single parent families.

The state is dead last overall and 49th in early foundations and economic well-being, 51st in health and 50th in education.

The top five states are New Hampshire, Minnesota, New Jersey, Connecticut and Vermont.

WalletHub says the purpose of the study is to "engender change and galvanize groups to act on behalf of society's future propellers."

Or, we could argue about Common Core instead.

Find the entire report here.