McDaniel takes Democrat's wisecrack about six votes seriously


A flippant comment on a Facebook page landed an Ocean Springs man in the middle of Chris McDaniel's election challenge.

Nick Mason says he was baiting a Tea Party follower (although he has a more inflammatory name for the party adherents) when he said he was a Democrat who voted six times in the June 24 runoff.

There is some truth in that statement, he says. He is a Democrat. And he voted. Once in the primary and once in the runoff, both times for Sen. Thad Cochran. 

Mason said he figures if the tea partiers don't get their way "their hair will catch fire and there will be scorched Earth" and they'll do something self-destructive.

He says some of his Democratic friends wanted him to vote for McDaniel on the theory that he would be a weaker general election candidate than Cochran.

"I almost fell for it," he said. "I really believe they'll vote Democratic. I've been on their websites again today, and they don't read my profile and see that I'm a Democratic and they threaten me and say they're going to vote for Thad. They call me a Rino."

He said he's cited in Exhibit C of McDaniel's challenge, which is supposed to be "Selected copies of social media statements." Trouble is there is no Exhibit C in the documents that McDaniel has posted on his campaign website. Presumably the exhibit is in the documents passed out at Monday's press conference in Jackson because the Jackson Free Press called Mason to ask him about his six votes.

"That was the first time I knew it was out there," he said. "(The Free Press reporter) thought it was hilarious too."