McDaniel to GOP establishment leader: Butt back in


Faster than you can say the Rev. Stevie Fielder, events have overtaken the last Crawdaddy post.

No sooner did I hit the publish button on the post about McShame, er, and its letter-writing campaign to get the GOP to leave its own primary alone, than this popped into my email. Its from McDaniel spokesman Noel "Read My Mind" Fritsch:

Republican Chris McDaniel today called on Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to condemn the race-baiting ads funded by a super PAC directed by Republican National Committeeman Henry Barbour.

McDaniel's appeal comes in the wake of Sen. McConnell's call for his challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes to condemn similarly race-tinged language made by a Grimes supporter in Kentucky. 

But. But. Isn't McConnell part of the establishment that McDaniel wants to butt out of GOP primaries? I'm sure there's an irrational explanation.

Now, I'm hearing that McDaniel's sometimes radio cohort John Mary has pleaded guilty in the nursing home scandal. Watch out for falling shoes.