Democrats say they were behind ads that tried to link McDaniel to KKK


Ads that are the basis for race-baiting complaints by the Chris McDaniel campaign were placed by Democrats, the Washington Examiner is reporting this morning.

McDaniel told The Hill today he would file a formal challenge to the GOP primary, which he lost to Sen. Thad Cochran in a runoff.

According to the Examiner, Ruth Harris, 65, of Jackson said she and five-other Democratic women paid for three radio spots urging voters to support Sen. Thad Cochran

The McDaniel camp has been criticizing the family of former Gov. Haley Barbour for having responsibility for the the ads, even going so far as to say those responsible should be "purged" from the GOP.

Henry Barbour in the Examiner denied being involved with the "KKK ads."

The ads also have been attributed to a new political action committee, All Citizens for Mississippi, although that group didn't report the purchase of radio advertising on its FEC report in mid-July.

I am glad the people really behind this despicable KKK ad have been revealed, because Sen. Cochran's opponents have falsely accused our group and others of running it," Barbour said. "As I have said from the start, I had zero to do with it."

Read the Examiner report here.