WalletHub ranks Mississippi 50th in its analysis of school systems


Thank goodness for the District of Columbia.

According to WalletHub, that's all that kept Mississippi from ranking 51st in its study of the quality of education in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Mississippi was 50th and fared most poorly in math scores and percentage of children who repeated at least one grade but the state was tied for third with Massachusetts for the lowest number of bullying incidents.

WalletHub said it analyzed 12 key metrics including test scores, dropout rates and safety.

For those who need a reminder why this is important, WalletHub points to the Economic Policy Institute:

"Income is higher in states where the workforce is well educated and hence more productive. With higher incomes, workers in turn can contribute more in taxes to beef us state budgets over the long run."

Read the WalletHub report here