Lott tells The Hill the Mississippi GOP could use an overhaul


On the eve of Chris McDaniel’s major announcement today, former Sen. Trent Lott stepped back into the quagmire of the GOP’s effort to nominate a candidate for U.S. Senate. And, what he had to say has to be unsettling for his colleagues in the state Republican Party.


Lott hadn’t been heard from recently outside of a robocall he made for his former colleague Sen. Thad Cochran, late in the slugfest with McDaniel.


Sunday, he decided to sit with The Hill’s Alexandra Jaffe and Megan R. Wilson in Washington for a lengthy rumination on the state of the GOP back home.


Here’s the prognosis:


“This has shown the fissures that are there and I do think the party leaders – it may cause the need for some change in the party leadership,” Lott, now the co-chairman  of Squire Patton Boggs' public policy practice, told The Hill.


He warned that the Mississippi establishment is ignoring the Tea Party wing of the GOP at their own peril.


“If they try to just stuff 'em or stiff 'em, and don't realize that there's a lesson to be learned there, it could be a problem,” said Lott, a former Senate majority leader.


Although he says “we are the Tea Party, philosophically,” he allows he’s also the kind of establishment figure that could have been a target.


“Times are so different. I don't know how I would do, but I do know one thing: They'd have to take me out, because I'd sure go down swinging,” he said.

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