Here's The Fix: In the future, Super PACs could run the entire campaign

Not to be outdone by Politico's reporting on the "black market" consultants that found their niche in the GOP insurgency, The Washington Post's The Fix foresees a day when Super Pacs might run an entire campaign.

Know who's the poster candidate for this one? If you guessed Chris McDaniel ... three-quarters of the money spent on his behalf came from outside political action committees, Philip Bump of the Post reports. 

That was 36 percent of the money spend by both sides of the two-headed GOP primary monster, which McDaniel insists still hasn't been decided. Just wait until they figure in the legal bills.

Not that you can equate spending with success all the time. McDaniel lost the primary runoff by more than 7,500 votes.

But consider this from the Post report:

"In some ways, this race is kind of a model of what we want to do in other races," FreedomWorks for America's national political director Russ Walker told us by phone last week. The group made a large commitment to McDaniel's race, spending over $400,000 on online ads and a robust field program.

What Walker means when he says he hopes the race is a model is the process: His members picking a candidate; his team putting together a field program. FreedomWorks supporters started contacting voters in February, eventually having 350,000 "conversations" with voters. Before the runoff, the group held over 100 get-out-the-vote events and knocked on 140,000 doors.

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