McDaniel loses again at Mississippi Supreme Court


The Supreme Court won't reconsider its ruling against former U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel in his battle with Harrison County.

The court has refused to order Circuit Clerk Gayle Parker to give McDaniel's investigators unredacted copies of the poll books, which are lists of every registered voter in the county and include some personal information that could aid in identity theft.

Parker said there are unique identification numbers assigned to each voter that would distinguish between voters with similar names. The McDaniel team wanted to see the voters' birth dates to distinguish them.

Justices Michael Randolph, James W. Kitchens and David Chandler attached a statement that says they would have granted a hearing because protecting elections should be the highest priority. 

Favoring the ruling are Chief Justice William L. (Bill) Waller, Jr., and Associate Justices Ann H. Lamar,  Leslie D. King and Josiah D. Coleman.

Not participating: Jess Dickenson and Randy Pierce.

Read the order here.