McDaniel camp says it has the evidence but hasn't decided on challenge

The Chris McDaniel campaign this afternoon said it had enough evidence to mount a challenge to McDaniel's defeat by Sen. Thad Cochran in the June 24 GOP runoff, but it hadn't decided whether to file the challenge.

McDaniel friend and attorney Michael Watson, who like McDaniel is a state senator, said the campaign wanted to review all the election material in all 82 counties before making a decision. It just got access to the poll books in Jackson County today, for instance, after a ruling by Judge Robert Krebs on Tuesday. The campaign has 12 days to review that material but volunteers said they probably would be done in a week.

"This is not a challenge," Watson said. "That may come; that day is not here."

McDaniel attorney Mitch Tyner said the evidence includes illegal crossover votes, problems with absentee voting and differences between the number of people who signed in to vote and the number of ballots found in ballot boxes. He said once all the evidence was compiled, he would distribute it to the media, the U.S. attorney, the Federal Elections Commission and Attorney General Jim Hood.

He also was a little more sure a challenge would come.

"We expect to file a challenge within 10 days," Tyner said.

The campaign is suing for access to the books in 18 counties and has a complaint before the state Supreme Court seeking emergency relief in the case.

The Cochran campaign has schedule a press conference at 4 p.m., presumably to respond to the McDaniel press conference.