Poll: Most say McDaniel should pack it in


Most Mississippians say Chris McDaniel should concede the Republican race to Sen. Thad Cochran, a poll released today found.

Public Policy Polling, in an automated telephone survey, found 58 percent of those surveyed said Cochran won the runoff fair and square and 50 percent say McDaniel should give up compared to 35 percent who said he should keep fighting.

Cochran holds a 16-point advantage (40 percent to 24 percent) over Democrat Travis Childers in the November general election, the poll of 691 Mississippians, which included 501 Republican primary voters, found. The telephone surveys were done Thursday through Sunday.

It also found 53 percent of those polled had an unfavorable opinion of McDaniel and 63 percent want to continue with the state's open primary system. Forty-two percent said they had an unfavorable opinion of former Gov. Haley Barbour, a favorite foil of McDaniel supporters.

Cochran has a 59 percent approval rating among black voters. Cochran was criticized by McDaniel for appealing to black Democrats late in the campaign. The general election is a dead heat among blacks with 37 percent backing Cochran and 36 percent for Childers.

Those survey were conservative, too, with 51 percent saying they were somewhat or very conservative. Twenty-four percent said they were very liberal or somewhat liberal and 26 percent described themselves as moderate.

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