A disarming offer from GOPUSA arrives in Mississippi

They say politics is a cutthroat business. Apparently, GOPUSA doesn't want voters to wade off into that jungle unarmed.

An email from GOPUSA, private company "not affiliated with the Republican National Committee, on Saturday offers a free "325S Tactical Survival Knife," described as "one vicious weapon" with a handle that promises "no slippage even when covered with mud or blood."

Covered in mud. No wonder they sent the email to a Mississippian.

It also has "a nifty glass breaker that can double as a very wicked tool to get someone's undivided attention, fast." I'll venture a guess that they're talking about those ubiquitous "low information voters."

It doesn't really come from GOPUSA they're just passing along the offer from FightFast/TRS, which says the knife package that includes an instructional video has sold all over the world for $97.

And yours is free ... but there is a catch. You have to go to a "hidden webpage" and give President Bob Pierce some feedback.

I'm off to the website. One question, should I be armed?