Let's Shed a little light on the 18 Best BBQ Joints in America

This isn't all that political but it's a survey that should cause another firestorm.

Men's Journal, in it's Expert Advice column, took a road trip to the 18 Best BBQ Joints in America. And, the experts were able to find only one in Mississippi: Leatha's BBQ in Hattiesburg, which checked in at Number 9. (John Lennon would be proud)

That's right, no Abe's, no Shed ... and next to no credibility. Corky's didn't make the cut but a pulled pork straight out Compton, Calif., did. No Rendezvous but a joint in New Jersey? 

Oh but wait, I can get a Memphis sammich at Dinosaur in Brooklyn. That's comforting. In case you're wondering, Corky's doesn't offer a Brooklyn.

Journal publisher Jann Wenner should stick to celebrity sightings and rock 'n' roll. Here's the address if you feel like giving him some heartburn: