Childers, Cochran in dead heat among GOP voters in Chism poll

Amid all the post-Senate election hubub over the weekend, Chism Strategies released a poll that shows Democrat Travis Childers and Republican Thad Cochran in a dead heat for a Senate seat that be fore the primary was considered a lock for the GOP.

The best news for Cochran is 42 percent of those polled are undecided. Childers is at 22 percent and Cochran at 21 in the poll of 832 Cochran and McDaniel supporters with landline phones on June 27. Only 2 percent of those polled were black. And the only Democrats polled apparently were crossover votes

Chism is the pollster who said McDaniel was up by 8 percent June 21 but the firm added this caveat:

“How We See It

Unless Cochran expands the electorate with general election Republicans and crossover Democrats, McDaniel wins.”

Another troubling finding for Cochran in the latest poll:

“When we asked McDaniel supporters which candidate they would support in the general election, 21% said they would vote for Democrat Travis Childers and another 16% said they would probably not vote at all. Only 22% of McDaniel’s supporters were committed to vote for Cochran in November.”


Chism, according to Y'all Politics, is hosting a fundraiser for Childers tonight in Jackson


A Rassmussen poll released Friday has Cochran up by 12 points, 42-34, a five-point dip from its March poll.

Read the rest of the poll summary here.